Pool Table Accessories You Must Have

A pool table entices people to play games and watch the balls roll around the table. A pool is an indoor game and you can enjoy a great time with your loved ones while playing billiards. Thus, it becomes very important to keep your table in the right shape while also enhancing your billiards skills. You would like to have the necessary tools or accessories that can help you maintain your billiard table and improve our game. Given below are a few pool table accessories that every pool table owner must have at his or her place:

Ball Rack

A ball rack, which is at times, is also called a triangle, is a pool table accessory which is used to place the billiard balls in their initial positions as the game begins. The ball racks help to keep the balls in the right position without disturbing their pattern. Traditional racks come in shape of a triangle and are usually made of plastic, wood, or metal. Modern racks are made with a thin material comprising of accurate cut-outs to keep the balls in their designated places. One of the most common shapes for a ball rack is an equilateral triangle. You can get the perfect racks for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 10-Ball positions.

Pool Table Cleaning Equipment

A pool table is very expensive and to make it last for years, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional player or just someone who loves to play billiard as a hobby, by taking proper re of your pool table, you can certainly enhance your gaming experience on your pool table.

Given below are some of the cleaning tools for a pool table:

  • Pool Table Brush – The spikes of a pool table brush are designed in such a way that they can be used on a pool table top. Once the game has finished, you can use the brush to remove, dust, chalk dirt, and other dirty scraps. You can get the brushes from pool table stores, or from some sport equipment stores.
  • Vacuum Cleaner– You can use the vacuum cleaner with light pressure to clean the fabric on the table and other areas including table pockets for balls. It will remove the smallest dust particles from the table.
  • Cleaning solutions – If your pool table has stains that are difficult to remove with simple cleaning tips, you can use cleaning solutions for deep cleaning. Spray cleaners are very popular and a very effective answer to cleaning your pool table stains. There are many cleaning products available on the market that are specifically used for cleaning pool tables. You can take a microfiber cloth and take some spray cleaner on it, and wipe the table clean. In addition, there are also cleaning products available for cleaning the balls.

 Bridge Sticks and Heads

If you want to improve your billiard game skills, there are several tools available on the market. One of the things that you can use to stabilize your shot while also decreasing sideward movement, Pool Bridge sticks and heads can be ideal options. These accessories help the player in achieving the shot accuracy while in the middle of the game. If you are having a problem with your shot and couldn’t find the right balance to hit the ball, bridge sticks and heads can solve your problem.

Cue Wall Rack

Cue wall racks are a perfect place to put your pool cue sticks. When you own a pool table, you also need a rack to store your cue sticks as you just can’t leave them on your table or lying just about anywhere in your game room. There are a variety of pool cue stick racks of different sizes.  You can easily use a wall rack to exhibit all your pool sticks attractively on the wall and take out whatever cue stick you want without disturbing the arrangement of other sticks and making a mess, especially in front of the guests.

Pool Table Light

When playing billiards, pool table lighting is very important to make all the plays right, especially if the game is being played in a room away from the daylight or during a night party. Without proper pool table light, the other lights in the room can create unwanted shadows on the table and around the room, which can affect your shots and at times, might also make it almost impossible to take shots. By making sure that there is proper pool table lighting at the proper places, you will not get distracted by shadows or glare of the light while taking your shot at the pool table and you will also be able to enjoy your time while playing billiards. Pool table lightings are available in various designs and budgets. Olhausen not just makes pool tables but also make lights you can Some are more decorative than others, however, all the lights perform the same task, to deliver enough lighting that you can play billiards without any interruption and enjoy it to its fullest.

Billiard Table Cover

A billiard table makes a great addition to your home décor and your gaming and entertainment hobbies. It also provides a great fun time for family and social get-togethers. As a result, it is important to keep your pool table in good condition, especially when you are not using it. To protect your pool table from dust and other kinds of dirt, you can use a billiard table cover. It will safeguard and extend the lifespan of your pool table for future use and entertainment. You can find several options to choose from based on size, color, material, design, functionality, and more, based on your needs and preferences.

Billiard Cue Tips

It is generally a well-recognized fact that a major part of the performance of pool sticks lies in the first six inches. At the end of the stick is the rubber billiard cue tip. It is from the pool cue tip that the energy of the shot is transferred to the billiard ball on the table and a good player with a good shot will get the desired result with right accuracy, speed, and direction.  As a result, it becomes very important to pick the right pool cue tip. There are various kinds of cue tips available including soft tips and hard tips. If you want to achieve consistency in your game, make sure you get the right cue tip for better performance.

Billiard Chalk

Billiard chalk is used at the tip of the cue stick, usually before every shot. It helps in improving the tip’s motion-resistance and contact with the ball to achieve better timing, accuracy, and direction during the non-centric hit.

Billiard Glove

Many billiard players use the billiard glove to get a better grip on the cue stick. If your hands sweat a lot or turn clammy during the games, you will find it difficult to maintain a firm grip on the cue stick. You can use a pool glove to solve that problem.

With Olhausen Billiards, you will find a number of pool table accessories the can provide your best gaming experience, while also taking care of your table and increasing its lifespan for years in the future. You can improve your complete billiard-playing experience with the right tools and accessories, and that too without disrupting your budget.

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