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Pool Table Accessories You Must Have

A pool table entices people to play games and watch the balls roll around the table. A pool is an indoor game and you can enjoy a great time with your loved ones while playing billiards. Thus, it becomes very important to keep your table in the right shape while also enhancing your billiards skills. […]

Top Billiards Tours And League

When it comes to the history of billiards, it is long, rich and full of colors. The game has been played by many including royals, commoners, presidents, ladies, gentlemen, and many more. Initially played as a lawn game sometime in Northern Europe and perhaps France during the era of the 15th century, and later on, […]

Top 7 Best Female Snooker Players

Snooker is a popular cue sport which was founded by British Army officials in the 19th century.  The game gained immense popularity in a very short duration of time and is now one of the most popular board games available. The game is governed by WPBSA or World Professional Billiard and Snooker Association. Nowadays Snooker […]